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We are dedicated to helping clients reach their desired audience through targeted multi-media strategies.
  • Understanding your customers.   It all starts with the customer.  We understand that there are two ways that a business communicates with its customers and plenty of media options to try to improve that communication, but we've done our homework.  We understand how people use media and how best to reach them through smarter marketing.
  • The Power of Television.  According to a March 2010 article in Time Magazine, "Television is still the most influential medium around."  Only television can deliver sight, sound, motion and emotion with your message.
  • Multi screen behavior.  The internet is changing the way people find, discover, share, shop and connect.  And it's not just a certain group of people.  Who spends more time on the internet... millennials or seniors?  You'll be surprised at the answer.
  • Multi-tasking.  With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, we now have more information at our fingertips.  So when we watch the television show or commercial, we can look up more information on that program, product or service, if we're so inclined.  In fact, according to a Nielsen survey, 40% of smartphone and tablet owners use them while watching television.
  • Helping customers find you.  Your marketing dollars are a precious commodity that can make the difference between a successful business and a struggling one.

Contact Information:

  • Business Name - WETM-TV
  • Address - 101 E. Water St., Elmira, NY 14901
  • Phone - 607-733-5518
  • Website - www.MyTwinTiers.com
  • Mobile site - m.MyTwinTiers.com
  • Mobile App - 18 Mobile - Elmira News
  • Email- slucarelli@wetmtv.com

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