PA Primary Elections: What Voters Need To Know


FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. -  Pennsylvania primary elections are quickly approaching, and the Franklin County Voter Registration Office wants to encourage residents to vote.

The primary seats for governor, lieutenant governor, as well as several U.S. and state congressional seats are up for grabs this year.

Although there are not any major changes to the voting system this year, election officials say there are still several things voters need to be aware of.

It is the first year Pennsylvania voters will not be asked to or required to show a photo ID to vote. That is because of a law that passed in 2012 allowing people to vote without identification. Officials say the law was implemented only partially in previous years.

First-time voters are not off the hook though.

"[First time voters] would be asked for either their drivers license or voter ID card. There's multiple identifications that they can show, it doesn't even have to be a photo ID,” said Franklin County Chief Registrar Jennie Aines.

Also new this year, some Franklin County residents will be voting in different districts. Redistricting for legislative and senatorial districts based on the 2010 census goes into effect this election.

"Some people are in different districts than they would've been like two years ago,” said Aines. “So say two years ago they voted for rob Kauffman, and they go, he may not be on their ballot this year."

Voter turnout rates for Pennsylvania primaries have been low in the past few years. The highest rate in the last decade was in 2008 with only 35 percent of people registered turning out to vote.  Election officials are hoping more people will cast ballots this year.

To register to vote in the primaries, you can mail a form to the Franklin County voter registration office in Chambersburg, fill out a form in-person or register through PennDOT when you renew your license. You can also ask the voter registration office to mail you a form.

To print out the voter registration form click here.

To find your voting precinct click here.



Thomas Corbett (R)

Robert Guzzardi (R)

Thomas Wolf (D)

Katie McGinty (D)

Allyson Schwartz (D)

Robert McCord (D)

Lieutenant Governor:

Jim Cawley (R)

Brandon Neuman (D)

Mark Critz (D)

Michael Stack III (D)

Mark Smith, Jr. (D)

Brad Koplinski (D)

Joseph Paterno, Jr. (D)

US Representative, Congress District 9:

Travis Schooley (R)

Arthur Halvorson (R)

Bill Shuster (R)

Alanna Hartzok (D)

State Senator, District 30:

John Eichelberger, Jr. (R)

State Representative/House, District 78:

Jesse Topper (R)

Joshua Lang (R)

State Representative/House, District 82:

Christopher Harris (R)

State Representative/House, District 89:

Robert Kauffman (R)

State Representative/House, District 90:

Paul Schemel (R)

Rita Daywalt (R)

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