Abandoned Dogs Now Recovering at Chemung County Humane Society and SPCA

- ELMIRA, N.Y (18 NEWS) -- Staff at the Chemung County SPCA now have a few unexpected additions in their care. On Thursday morning, they were greeted by a surprise.

"I saw a picture on my phone saying, 'Look what I found,' and I was like, 'Oh my gosh. I'll be there in ten minutes,'" said Debby Reynolds, a Dog Trainer at the Chemung County Humane Society & SPCA.

When Reynolds arrived at work, she and her staff discovered six abandoned dogs.

"When our first staff person arrived about a quarter of seven, she found six little dogs in one of our smaller exercise pens...just left there with no note...no nothing,” said Louise Richardson, Communications and Marketing Manager at the Chemung County Humane Society & SPCA.

“They're different mixes. There are some that are predominantly poodle...we think some Maltese, some Shih Tzu,” said Richardson.

Richardson said she doesn't know why the dogs were abandoned.

"We have no idea. We can only speculate. I don't know if an owner was overwhelmed and realized that they needed to do something and drop them off or if somebody, a concerned citizen, knew about the dogs and took them and brought them in,” she said.

Richardson said the dogs were in poor condition...but have since been groomed and fed.

"They're tiny little dogs. Yesterday they looked about three times the size they do today with all the hair and the matting. They clearly hadn't been groomed probably for years,” said Richardson.

The SPCA said you could see exactly how much hair was groomed off of the dogs by how loose their collars are today.

However, Reynolds said the dogs are now running around and in much better spirits.

Also, Richardson has advice for anyone considering surrendering dogs or cats.

"...giving us a call and talking to our adoption folks about the process of surrendering a dog. We collect information about the dog's personality and history so that when we put it up for adoption, we can make the best fit,” said Richardson.

Richardson said the dogs could use some gently used towels, food, and cleaning supplies.

Volunteers to walk the dogs are also needed.

Richardson said the SPCA needs to keep the dogs for a five-day stray hold. However, she said people interested in adopting the dogs can fill out an application from now.

Updates on when the dogs will be available for adoption will be on the Chemung County SPCA facebook page. More information can be found at www.chemungspca.org.

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