A.S.A.P Taxi Cabs Now Serve Schuyler County Area

- WATKINS GLEN, N.Y (WETM-18) -- “I drive. I drive all over...but there have been times when I say I wish there was a service where I could get transportation, said Lee Potter, a Watkins Glen tourist.

For this Watkins Glen visitor, her wish has been answered.

Ithaca's A.S.A.P Cab Company now serves Schuyler County.

Tourism and Marketing Manager at the Watkins Glen Chamber of Commerce, Drew Guild, said these taxis will help area citizens, but also tourists.

“This is something huge...a much needed service for people to get from...say a hotel or a motel and a bed and breakfast...down to some locations so they don't have to drive,” said Guild.

Elmira's Totem Taxi also makes stops in Watkins Glen, but that doesn't necessarily mean competition.

“As far as that goes...when you need a cab, you have a choice,” said Guild.

David Moore, Owner of the A.S.A.P Cab Company, said he thought of the idea while at a local gas station.

“They had nobody for deliveries of food or anything,” he said.

In Watkins Glen, most people are used to walking everywhere. However, the new cab service provides another way to get from point A to point B.

Yet, for some, getting around on foot is good enough.

“Well, each time I've been here...we're pretty much walking up and down the street. It's not that far down the street and there are all these vendors along the way. It's a really great place to walk around,” said Angelo Lisuzzo, a Watkins Glen tourist.

One tourist, Tom Glose, said the cabs will create safer roads.

“It should decrease the instances of people driving while intoxicated...and will hopefully reduce accidents related to that...needless deaths of people, he said.

For others, the taxi cab addition means progress.

“Well it makes me feel like the town is really growing up. I think that it's a healthy sign when we start getting metropolitan amenities,” said Watkins Glen Resident Michael Fitzgerald.

If you're traveling in town, the A.S.A.P Cab Company charges $5 per person and one extra dollar for each additional person in your cab.

Also, they will charge around $1 per mile for trips outside of town.

The A.S.A.P Cab Company's phone number is (607) 532-2727.

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