Astorino: "This is Andrew Cuomo's Watergate"

BUFFALO, N.Y. (18 News) – Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke to reporters for the first time since the New York Times article on the now-shuttered Moreland Commission.

The Governor spoke following a Start-Up NY event in Buffalo Monday morning. Reporters peppered the Governor with questions about the Times report, which said the Governor’s office interfered with the commission.

Cuomo said that he didn’t interfere, and praised the commission’s work. “[The commission] generated all sorts of interest in the behavior of the Legislature, it brought all sorts of cases that have actually come to fruition, and it was, I believe, the stimulus to get the ethics reform bill passed that we got passed,” said Cuomo.

Cuomo’s opponent, Republican Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, responded during an event in Rochester. “He's trying to muddy the waters the most that he can, because he wants to make sure that the questions on Moreland stop,” said Astorino. “But they're not going to stop because this is Andrew Cuomo's Watergate. This is just the beginning now. It's just unfolding.”

The Moreland Commission was created in July of 2013 to uncover corruption in state government. It was shut down last March.

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