Business Worries About Economic Loss Amid W. Water St. Demolition

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 News) – A local business says it is losing thousands of dollars a day because of the demolition going on on West Water Street in downtown Elmira. The owners of Damomics say they were given very little time to move out, and don’t know if they’ll even be able to get back into their building once the demolition around them is complete.

“You inflict less cost on a business like myself, which tends to lose $2,000, $3,000, $4,000 a day in an environment like this,” said Ron Friedman, co-owner of Damomics.

Friedman looks on as demolition near his business has slowed. Workers are now taking down the old Marvin’s building brick by brick.

It is a much different pace from earlier in the week, when Friedman says he was given only 24 hours notice to leave his building. “We found out we couldn't move our Internet our static IP from Time Warner,” said Friedman. “We couldn't move our phone lines because Verizon and Time Warner can't do that type of work in less than 24 hours.”

Friedman says the company is now accessing its servers remotely, but the work has cost his business money, and manpower. “We have four people out of our staff of 12 or so that are virtually out of work because we're not in our building,” said Friedman.

Now his focus is on the aftermath of the demolition, and if his business can even stay on West Water Street. “Will the building survive? That's the whole thing,” said Friedman. “These buildings were never made to stand alone.”

And if the building couldn’t stand alone? “We would have to look around and decide where we would move to and plan for it, but that takes time,” said Friedman. Time the business says it doesn’t have as the buildings next to it are slowly taken down.

Friedman says he’s trying to get a structural engineer to come in and check on the building after the demolition is done to see if it will be safe. So far, he hasn’t found one.

Elmira Code Enforcement said on Friday they wouldn’t comment on if the Damomics building would be structurally sound after the old Marvin’s building comes down.

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