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CCC holds first-ever science fair

CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - The first-ever science fair at Corning Community College is an event meant to get more people involved in the subject. 

The science club on campus holds a couple of outreach events a year and this semester featured the inaugural science fair which took place on Monday.

"Science is in the news," Science Club Advisor Robert Koble said. "We have our STEM department, but we'd like to get the word out about science, and technology, engineering, and math, so we just felt like it'd be great to kind of show off some of our students in the science department and also in the STEM department to all the campus."

One experiment looked at the dynamics of plant growth, specifically the affects of different light on stem elongation.

Another tested how heat affects magnets to see if potency will be lost but then possibly regaining strength after cooling.

A third experiment displayed a dissected cow's eye. 

"I've just been in love with the whole, the hands-on, the gore, basically the dissection," Science Club President Autumn Grimins said. "Being able to look at something and see how it works but from a living perspective."

The fourth experiment showed the difference in completed maze times between a prey animal - a rabbit - and a predator animal - a cat.

Overall, the fair is all about outreach, education, and...

"...showing off the science department because we have a pretty cool science department," Koble said. 

With four submissions received for this year's fair, Koble says he's happy with the outcome and is looking forward to future turnouts. 

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