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City of Elmira proposes 2018 budget

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - The proposed 2018 budget for Elmira was announced Friday morning but the City Manager warns not everyone may be happy. 

The proposed budget asks for $32 million.  City Manager Michael Collins says Elmira continues to face financial problems and the cost of business increases as revenues stay flat.

The city's money crises comes from a $4.5 million deficit from the 2016 budget.

Collins says the goal is to reduce this debt by building a surplus each year.

Under the budget, there will be no layoffs for police and fire departments and there will be a tax increase of 17 percent.

"I think any business or any resident homeowner in Elmira will not be happy with the number 17 percent, but if we look at it on a monthly basis that may be more doable," said Collins. 

The City Council is expected to take vote on the budget in January.

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