Coffee Prices on the Rise

- ELMIRA HEIGHTS, NY (WETM-18) – Coffee prices are on the rise due to crop harvest damage, Starbucks announces price increase today.

Over 80 percent of Americans consume coffee on a regular basis and while that stat might not change any time soon, the price you pay for your cup of coffee just might.

If your favorite drink comes from Starbucks you may need to dig a little deeper into your wallet. Starting today, Starbucks is raising prices of some drinks by five to twenty cents. Packaged coffee sold in stores is raising by a dollar a bag.

Caffeine lovers are divided on what the increase means for their buying habits.

Horseheads resident Tremayne Harer says price increases won’t stop him from indulging.

“To me personally, I guess I'm going to buy it, only because, it's so good.”

While others like Big Flats resident Billy Meyers says price increases will cause him to limit his spending.

“I'll probably make it fewer days during the week and just make my own at home.”

The cause for the bump in prices you’ll see is a severe brought in Brazil, the world’s largest coffee bean producer. The drought lasted through January and February of last year resulting in a smaller crop and lower quality beans.

Despite heightened prices for company buyers, Bell’s Country Coffee Shop owner Kerri Zimmerman says customers don’t need to worry about spending extra cash at her store.

“That'll be a last resort for us to raise prices on our coffee simply because of our customer base and we'll try to manage those increases the best we can.”

Coffee bean crop recovery time is expected to take a few seasons to get back to normal.

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