Corning-Painted Post School District Budget Results In

PAINTED POST, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - The Corning-Painted Post School District held its board meeting Wednesday night.

The board passed the 2017-2018 budget unanimously.

The school says it was a challenging last few months especially after receiving less state aid than expected which nearby districts are also experiencing.

As a result, it had a nearly $2 million dollar gap as little as a month ago. After targeting budget categories that do not directly impact the children and executing a small number of staff reductions, the gap has since closed.

"The goal was to not have any of those (cuts), but we received $700,000 dollars less in state aid than what we received last year," Superintendent Michael Ginalski said. "Had we even received what we received last year, there would have been no cuts. The reality is you have to live within your means, and the overriding goal in all of this is to stay within your tax cap which is very important to the board and I."

He adds that even with these cuts, the school will have the same programs going into next year and class sizes will not be impacted.

The changes will not necessarily be noticeable to the average student, parent, or staff member.

The public has the final say in the vote which is May 16. If you live in the district, you can review the budget here.

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