Day Trippin' : Things Get Weird at the Sciencenter This Summer

- ITHACA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Things get a little weird at the Sciencenter this summer.

Imagine a world where every young person is empowered to use science in shaping a better future. This week's Day Tippin' we head to the Sciencenter in Ithaca for some hands on scientific fun!

Get ready to climb, splash, and think your way through four galleries filled with full-body science fun! The Sciencenter in Ithaca is a hot spot for continuing education during the summer months.

"Avoid that summer slide. Kids are out of school and they may stop thinking about science. This brings science back in a really fun way. Engage and continue learning for that next school year," Amy Gualke said.

At the Sciencenter kids are experimenting with what floats and sinks in water, or what happens when they mix colors. Like good scientist these early explorers make predictions, test them, and of course get a bit messy in the process.

It is a discovery museum everything is hands on. No do not touch signs anywhere in the museum. Our goal is to have families learn together to inspire curiosity," said the Executive Director of the Sciencenter, Charlie Trautmann.

By observing and experimenting, young scientist become confident and great problem solvers. What does a snake eat? How do you use a microscope? Questions they answer all while having a little scientific fun.

"It is intended to maximize fun and learning at the same time. Education by stealth. Kids are learning about science but don't know about it. They are having fun."

For ticket prices, weekly workshops, or other summer activities head to the Sciencenter website

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