Dispute Between Chemung County and The City of Elmira Continues

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - The saga continues between the City of Elmira and Chemung County officials. A meeting between the two was abruptly canceled today. The two groups are at odds over money, the City says it's lost money since combining services with the County, however, the County says the City has actually saved money. 

Elmira City Manager Michael Collins states that Mayor Dan Mandell provided sales tax allocation revenue monies to the city council during a budget workshop. "The city is looking at sales tax and shared service separately," Collins claims. "Certainly we do not disagree that shared service does save the City of Elmira or any Municipality, town, village money when there is shared service."

According to Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli a report completed by the Center for Government Research shows that the City of Elmira didn't actually lose money, instead it shows that the city had a net gain of $1.6M dollars. However, according to Elmira mayor Dan Mandell as well as Elmira City Manager Michael Collins that figure is incorrect.

"That has been spun into the County coming back and saying that between shared service and the sales tax reallocation we've saved money because of the shared service," Said Collins. According to Collins when looking at sales tax allocation and shared services separately it will show that the City of Elmira has in fact lost money since the City decided to be a part of shared services with the county.  However, County officials say the numbers show that the City of Elmira has saved money.

"I think though what we have to keep in mind is that the City looks at it as two separate issues, and if we strictly look at sales tax allocation the city has lost money," Collins said. However, the County looks at it as just one issue and that is where they are coming up with their numbers. "Again, everybody can look at one thing and come up with different conclusions," Collins said. "And I think that the City is looking at sales tax allocation as one separate issue and that is a loss in revenue."


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