Elmira man charged with homicide after co-worker is killed appears in court

ELMIRA, NY (18 News) - Day two at the Chemung County Court House of a man charged with negligent homicide after a car crash that killed his passenger.

Charles Wheeler, 45 and Matthew Carpenter, 30 had become friends at work.

When Carpenter was having car troubles, Wheeler offered to drive him to work. On March 27, 2015, Wheeler thought they were going to be late. He passed a garbage truck on Federal Road in Erin, in a no passing zone.

Wheeler lost control of the vehicle and struck several trees. Carpenter, in the passenger seat, was killed.

Melissa Hernandez, the victims fiancé, relived that day in court Tuesday.

"To me I want  to tell my son when he is old enough and asks that the man driving was held accountable." Hernandez said.

The love Carpenter had for his son was one thing undisputable today.

"His boy, my grandson, turned four, two days after my son was killed, and my son was planning a great big party for him," Jack Miller, Carpenter's mother said. "He bought a bouncy house for him, he was going to pick it up early in the morning and surprise him, but he never got to do that."

The medical examiner took the stand and said Carpenter died from multiple blood force injuries, including a fractured skull and lungs.

As the prosecution went through the police report from that day, Wheeler fought back tears.

"As far as what I wish for, I wish my son was here," Miller said. "And I can't have that. I just hope he's held accountable for his actions."


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