FACT CHECK: Reed Hits Robertson's Tompkins Co. Legislature Record

(18 News) – In our continuing series of keeping candidates honest, we are taking a look at another ad from the 23rd Congressional District.

Congressman Tom Reed recently started airing another ad in the 23rd District attacking Martha Robertson for her record during her time in the Tompkins County Legislature.

AD: “Martha Robertson more than doubled property taxes.”

From 2003 to 2013, the property tax levy doubled in Tompkins County, according to legislature minutes. The county legislature, which Robertson serves on, sets the property tax levy. However, because the legislature passes the levy, not just Robertson, we rate this claim Mostly True.

AD: “Then raised her own salary four times with our money.”

According to minutes from the Tompkins County Legislature, Robertson voted to raise the salary of Tompkins County Legislators four times. Therefore, we rate this claim as True.

Overall, we rate this ad Mostly True.

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