Gaffer District stores remained open despite snow conditions

CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - With snowy conditions on Wednesday, many schools and businesses were closed, but that wasn't the case in the Gaffer District.

With one quick look down Market Street, seeing one of the blue cloth signs hanging outside that read 'OPEN' means you're in business.

Aniello's specifically is open almost every day of the year and when heavy snow is in the forecast, the pizzeria prepares lighter compared to days with good weather.

On Wednesday though, it was busier than anticipated. 

"We only close four days out of the year regardless," Manager David Perry said. "Whether it snows or not, (it) doesn't play a factor in if we open or not. Typically, when it's snowing, it is typically a little bit slower... but I was surprised just to see as many people in here today."

The small business closes on New Year's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

Usually when snow hits, the store receives an increase in phone calls for phone deliveries which was spot on for Wednesday. 

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