Heating Company Potentially Saves Widow's Life by Replacing HVAC System

CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - - A heating company granted a widow of five years a gift that potentially saved her life.

Appolo Heating wanted to give back to the community, so in December, the company decided to hold a contest.

Individuals nominated friends who they thought were in need of a new HVAC system - or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

Slight visits were made to the homes of three finalists to see what work needed to be done.

One finalist, who asked to remain anonymous, is a widow of a disabled Vietnam veteran who passed away five years ago.

"She had a furnace that was grossly oversized for the size of the home that she had, so we had some concerns about that," Branch Manager Fred Nichols said. "The following day, we sent one of our service technicians back to her home to go through the system 100 percent and see if there were other issues with the system. While we were at the home, we did indeed find that she had a cracked heat exchanger which was probably a result of the oversized furnace."

The cracked heat exchanger poses a big danger with the opportunity of carbon monoxide being emitted throughout the home.

Because she was in the most need out of the other finalists, Appolo Heating installed an entire new system last week, free of charge, steering her out of harm's way.

She has her neighbors to thank for submitting her into the contest. Despite her many health issues, they say she is always smiling and putting people first... something her and husband did often together.
"Her husband used to go to auctions, and he would buy things and bring them back to the home," Nichols said. "If they knew of someone that was in need, they'd package up boxes of what they bought at the auctions and give them to people for nothing."

The company adds that it's important to perform yearly maintenance on your HVAC systems to avoid any deadly situations.

If you're in need of a new system, you can contact Appolo Heating at (607) 272-5847.

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