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HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - New York Sport and Fitness in Elmira is expanding to Horseheads.

The new location is set to open early April.

The new gym will take over the Diamond Gym building on Philo Road in Horseheads.

"We've heard feedback from people up in this area, they like to come down and do our training but I've always said from the beginning, it has to be convenient," said owner John Maio. 

Construction workers have spent the last four months renovating and gutting the place, starting from scratch.

Maio tells 18 News the Horseheads location will be more than a grand opening, it will be a milestone as the Elmira location opened 13 years ago around the same time.

Maio says the secret to keeping a small business open is to "hire good people."

"We've been really lucky and honestly I've been really lucky with my staff,  it's the main reason why we're in the position we are today," he said.

New York Sport and Fitness is hiring for the new location.  To learn more visit http://nysaf.com/

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