Local Humane Society Raising Money for Horse Care

ULSTER, Pa. (18 NEWS) - The Bradford County Humane Society is looking to raise money to cover veterinary costs for larger animals.

"I get calls on everything just about daily, I never know where I'm going," Sworn Humane Police Officer for Bradford and Sullivan Counties James Canning said.

Canning said he gets plenty of calls on cats and dogs, but they're not the only animals in need of rescuing in the Northern Tier.

"I get calls on horses at least once a week once a week twice a week. I got one just as I was pulling in," Canning said.

The problem is horses are much more expensive to care for than cats or dogs. That's why The Bradford County Humane Society are asking for donations.
"There's just different issues with the horses, some where emaciated, some had worms, most of them have health problems," Canning said. "All of those need to be taken care of and those expenses do run up."

Finding shelter for the horses is another big expense.
"When I have to take horses into custody because we can't keep them here we have to foster them," Canning said. "We have agreements with people who will take care of the horses but they're still under our control and we have to pay the veterinary care and daily cost of care. That gets expensive, and we're still paying on horses that I seized last summer."

Canning said if he can get to the neglected animals quickly, not only could it reduce veterinary costs, it can also save a life.
"But a lot of people don't want to get involved and sometimes when I get out there it's too late for me to do anything," he said. "So if you see something that's obviously neglect you need to call. I can't do anything if you don't call."

You can donate by making checks out to BCHS. Checks can either dropped off at the Bradford County Humane Society on Route 220 in Ulster or you can send it to P.O. Box 179 Ulster, Pa. 18850.

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