Longtime Painted Post Police Chief is Retiring

- PAINTED POST, N.Y (18 NEWS) -- Chief Robert Halm Jr. has helped protect the streets of Painted Post for almost 25 years.

After Friday, this will no longer be his beat.

Halm is retiring after working with the Painted Post Police Department for almost 25 years.

Halm previously worked as a patrolman for the Addison Village Police Department and has served as the Painted Post Police Chief for the past seven and a half years.

Many people in the community stopped by to talk to Halm on Thursday.

However, Halm said this isn't anything out of the ordinary.

"This is just an average day of people coming up. Now, it is well wishes as far as retirement; but, before that, it was just people wanting to stop by and say hello,” said Halm.

Halm said this relationship with people in the community is what he will miss the most.

"...the business people, the residents who give us more support than I could ever ask for over the years and that's truly the benefit of this job and in this location,” said Halm.

Neighbors are going to miss Halm too.

"He always waves at people and everything else...very good rapport. So, I think he's a decent guy. I wish we had more like him,” said Kevin Fuller, who lives across from the police department.

A coworker of Halm said she'll miss the chief's warm personality.

"If I'm having a bad day or he's having a bad day, we can kind of bounce it off each other and we just can joke about things and make things a little bit lighter and easier…so that I'm going to miss,” said Anne Names, Painted Post Village Clerk.

Even though Friday will be Chief Halm's last day walking through the police department’s doors as Police Chief, he said he won't be going far and will still be a part of the community he loves.

"Absolutely. I was a Painted-Poster…born and bread. So, I'm certainly not going that far away...just the frequency will be down a little bit now,” said Halm.

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