Miracle Baby Celebrates Tenth Birthday

- CORNING, N.Y. (18-NEWS)- One little girl and her family are celebrating a huge mile stone.

The little girl is Angel. Every year, for the past ten years on August 29th she is the one handing out the gifts. She delivers roses to her pediatrician, a rose for each year she has been alive.

Angel was born a month prematurely. Her mom’s placenta ruptured causing her unborn child to have no heart beat and was not breathing for six minutes, many considering her dead.

Now this spunky ten year old likes listening to music, volunteering at her churches food pantry, and spending time with her three older sisters.

The morning of August 29th 2004 was a terrifying experience for the McCannon family. The family doctor had to fight to bring baby Angel back to life. Not sure if the baby would survive or even if mom would make it out of the emergency C-Section because she'd lost so much blood. But Crystal held on to her faith and thanks her dad for what she has today.

Crystal said, “I saw my dad, he told me I had to stay and come back home I had work to do.”

Now ten years later angel and her pediatrician have a unique relationship. Over the past decade Doctor Tao has received 55 roses from Angel. The roses, although a nice gesture, Doctor Tao feels are unnecessary. After all, she says she was just doing her job.

Doctor Tao said, “Family is good for bringing her for a regular check up and every year she is growing and very healthy, sweet, and happy, and is doing well in school. And I think she will do well in the future also.”

Thankfully Angel was born with no physical health problems. She is celebrating her birthday with a slumber party with her girlfriends.

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