Notre Dame High School Announces Maloney Family Fund Scholarship

SOUTHPORT, N.Y (WETM-18) -- For the past year, students at Notre Dame High School have been going out into the community and assessing the needs of other students.

They helped to establish a six year full scholarship for one Beecher Elementary School student to attend Notre Dame High School.

Service Learning students at Notre Dame High School spent time tutoring at Beecher Elementary School and realized the importance of having a positive school environment.

The students approached Director of Admissions and Service Learning teacher at Notre Dame High School, Jennifer Roberts-O’Brian, about the idea of a scholarship.

"Though we kind of thought that was something unachievable, we liked the idea and she showed us how possible it was and over the past few months, we've worked hard to make it possible," said Likonga Molingou, senior at Notre Dame High School.

The scholarship is named after two public educators, mother and son Maureen and Bill Maloney.

"We honor them with this scholarship by naming if after them," said Notre Dame High School senior Nicholas Carre.

The students raised funds by approaching many donors and the scholarship is created for a student with potential.

Roberts-O’Brian said the scholarship is for, " who maybe need a change of environment. They may not be performing as well as they could academically currently."  

After receiving applications, the Beecher faculty will be choosing the student who receives the scholarship. Roberts-O'brian said, “Who better to comment on the potential success of a student than those educators who have been working with them for years?"

Also, the Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes is facilitating this scholarship. They will pay the scholarship recipient’s tuition to Notre Dame High School on an annual basis.

Roberts-O’Brian said she wants this scholarship to leave a lasting legacy.

“I want the current students in my class to be able to call me 10...15 years down the road and say, ‘So who's the recipient of the Maloney family fund scholarship and how are they doing?’" she said.

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