Opening Day Preparation at the New Guthrie Corning Hospital

- CORNING, N.Y (WETM-18) -- The new $146 million Guthrie Corning Hospital won't open until Saturday, but hospital staff is busy finalizing plans for opening day.

“The game plan is we start bright and early. We're here at 5 a.m. The emergency department is scheduled to open at 6 a.m. The first patient is scheduled to move at 7 a.m and then incrementally until all patients have been relocated,” said Fran Macafee, CFO at the Guthrie Corning Hospital.

This moving of patients won't be unfamiliar.

“We did a full drill. We did what were called 'table top exercises' on paper. We walked through the entire procedure and then we actually did a mock move. We mocked six patients and moved them very safely because safety is our number one concern,” said Deb Raupers, Vice President Chief Nursing Officer at the Guthrie Corning Hospital.

Raupers said the key word for patients is "transfer," instead of "move."

“They really aren't leaving our care. We're basically transferring just like we would transfer from one floor to another. That’s really what we're doing. They’re moving from that location to this location and staying in our care the entire time,” said Raupers.

What will happen to the old hospital in downtown Corning? A Corning City Councilman, Chris Karem, said there are a number of ideas floating around for the property, but two things are top priority.

“Number one...make sure that whatever project comes forward fits in well with the neighborhood and protects the value of existing homes and businesses and number two, that we maximize on any property tax income opportunities that are there,” said Karem.

Raupers said patients are excited to see their single patient rooms and the hospital is excited to see the patients

“It's made for the patients and I think they're going to see a new level of care given for this community and this area,” said Raupers.

Raupers said the new hospital is looking to hire several experienced nurses. The hospital will hold a nursing job fair on Monday, July 21. 

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