Pizza Shops Prep for Super Bowl Deliveries

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - It's finally Super Bowl weekend and more than 100 million Americans will be watching the big game on Sunday, that means there will be a lot of pizzas ordered through the weekend. Nearly 12.5 Million pizzas to be exact, along with 1.33 Billion chicken wings nationally. Locally, pizza shops are getting ready and have been preparing for the big day for over a week.

"We're excited, Super bowl is this Sunday," Said Kristen Tarntino, President at Pudgies Pizza in Horseheads, she continues by saying, "It's about a week long preparation that we start from folding boxes to filling blue cheese cups, having all the employees set and ready to go, making sure we have all the product we need, it's a really busy day and we're really excited!"

Sunday alone will increase sales by a large amount for pizza shops across the country, as people watching the big game will be ordering a lot of delivery so as to not miss any part of the game. "Pretty much everyone I have working here is going to be here with me all weekend," Said Clint Hutchison, Manager at Paesano's Pizza and Subs in Elmira. "We're also getting here a little bit earlier in the morning to make sure we have enough dough prepped."

Both Tarntino and Huchison say they will put extra drivers on the clock to be sure to keep up with the increased number of delivery orders. And with snowy weather expected for us through the day on Sunday they tell their delivery drivers to drive carefully and slower if needed. "Customers are always very understanding and they'll be patient and wait and they'll be watching the game and having fun and they'll be excited when their pizza gets there!" Said Tarntino. 

With the increased business for the Super Bowl both Tarntino and Huchison say they do receive strange order requests.

"People ask for all sorts of crazy stuff," Said Tarntino. "You know, can you write our team name in pepperoni, you know crazy things like that but unfortunately it's just too busy to really comply with the special requests but we do what we can."

Paesano's Pizza and Subs doesn't miss out on these odd requests, "We also get, just orders where people wanna mix all of our dipping sauces together," Said Huchison. "Our different kind of wing sauces, so some of them are a great combination and some of them we have to question ourselves."

They are both taking pre-orders now and they say if you are looking to beat the delivery rush for Sunday afternoon to order early. But if you don't mind waiting a little bit you can order later in the day and have your pizza and wings arrive while the game is playing.


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