Police Look for Driver Following Possible Mobile Meth Lab Crash

WAVERLY, N.Y. (WETM-18) – Neighbors are on edge after a possible mobile meth lab led police on a high speed chase in the village of Waverly early Monday morning.

Rick Boehm, who owns the home where the Jeep got stuck in the mud, described his feelings. “In a small town like this, you wouldn’t think they’d have a high speed chase over this.” But in Waverly Monday morning, that’s exactly what happened.

Waverly Police say a patrol car tried to pull over a red Jeep near Route 220 and Chemung Street around 1:30 a.m., and it sped off. Police lost sight of the Jeep on Orange Street, it travelled up to Moore Street and sped away.

Police say the car came flying down Moore Street, went across the sidewalk, across Waverly Street, and into the yard of 530 Waverly Street, where it got stuck in the backyard. Police woke up the homeowners, who said they hadn’t heard anything.

“We wondered if there would be an explosion,” said Boehm. “The police told us to get back, because it was a dangerous situation. They didn’t know what chemicals were in the truck, the Jeep.”

“It was all the ingredients of making meth, and that’s what indicated to us what it was,” said Sgt. David Dekay of the Waverly Police Department.

The Jeep came to a stop just feet from two little league fields and Lincoln Street Elementary School. “Thank God it’s a holiday for the kids, you know, they’re off on vacation,” said Boehm.

People that live near the crash site say they’re on edge. “The kids walk to school, to and from, everyday, right to the school right around the corner from where it happened and it makes me nervous,” said Brenna Crandall, who lives near the crash scene.

“It doesn’t make you feel too good,” said Matthew Trowbridge, who also lives near the crash scene. “You think you’re safe in your neighborhood and you get a little notice that you’re not as safe as you think you are.”

The driver ran from the scene. Waverly Police are still looking for the driver as of Monday night. Police are asking anyone with information on the driver to give them a call at (607) 565-2836 or call 911.

The vehicle is described as a red Jeep with a New York license plate of FWN9883.

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