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Power Outage Update: Steuben County

STEUBEN COUNTY, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - A powerful nor'easter moved through the Northeast Friday afternoon and while many places only picked up a few inches of snow other locations, especially through Steuben county got over a foot of snow dumped on them which sparked thousands of power outages. As of Wednesday morning there were 146 NYSEG customers through Steuben county still without power.

"We're in much better shape now than what we were a few days ago," Says Tim Marshall, Director of Emergency Management for Steuben County, he continues by saying. "Currently we have just a couple dozen or a few dozen residents that are still without power, but that's greatly enhanced from the over 10-thousand that we had on Friday."

Much of the cleanup work is completed now through the county, but there are still a handful of people still in the dark. So what has been taking so long to get the lights back on for so many?

"Well certainly this was a very disastrous storm in the aspect of damage to power lines and power poles," Said Marshall. "Certainly it was also was affected in the more rural areas of Steuben county, so it took quite a bit of work for the electric crews to get our and get the services restored."

The process was delayed because they were waiting for infrastructure to essentially be rebuilt through the county and many of the areas that still remained without power were extremely rural and difficult to transport the necessary equipment to them. But Marshall says residents can use this disaster as a learning experience for future natural disasters.

"So what we recommend citizens to do is to have a preparedness plan in place and make sure that covers 72 to 96 hours worth of time frame," Marshall says. "That would give you enough provisions to be able to meet your needs until help could arrive and get the power restored."


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