Rainy Weather Affects Labor Day Weekend Plans

- ELMIRA, N.Y (18 NEWS) – Many people hope to have a bright weather forecast during Labor Day weekend, especially since it's the last holiday before summer ends.

This wasn't the case on Sunday, with rain falling throughout the Southern Tier during the morning and afternoon.

Some local neighbors said the gloomy weather put a damper on their holiday weekend plans.

Horseheads neighbor Chris Stanton said the rain affected her morning activities, causing her to stay indoors until later in the afternoon.

"It was raining so hard. I was going to come down to feed my poor little ducks and it was raining and I had to give it up,” said Stanton.

Also, one Elmira neighbor at Eldridge Park, Fran Gessick, said the rain prevented him from going on his morning walk in the park.

Gessick adds a picnic at his brother's house this weekend may need to be moved indoors if the rain continues.

However, some local neighbors said Sunday's gloomy weather did not end up ruining their holiday weekend plans.

Walter Ambrosch from Troy visited Eldridge Park with his family on Sunday. He said his family won't let a little rain prevent them from enjoying their day.

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