Rep. Reed's Tax Payments in the Spotlight Again

(WETM-TV) – Congressman Tom Reed’s taxes are being put under the microscope again. According to a report from the Buffalo News, the Congressman’s law office was nearly two months late paying a property tax bill in Elmira this fall.

The more than $1,500 bill was due on September 17th, but was not paid until November 7th. This is the 39th time that the Congressman, or one of his businesses, has been late on tax payments since 2005.

Congressman Reed’s office released a statement from spokeswoman Elizabeth Shaffer today that said, “Congressman Reed cannot be involved in the day-to-day activities and actions of any of his former or family businesses. As such he has no control over timing of any financial decisions made by the law firm as it winds down its operation."

The Martha Robertson campaign also responded today through George Koutsos, saying, "Congressman Tom Reed has not only paid his property taxes late 39 times, but has also gone back on his promise to return the pay he received during the government shutdown.  During the sixteen day shutdown the economy lost $24 billion while Reed pocketed $7,627 in pay that he vowed not to accept.”

Shaffer told the Buffalo News that Congressman Reed had requested his pay be withheld during the government shutdown, but never said he would return it if it was paid to him.

Reed’s office stressed with the late tax payment that the Congressman is not allowed to be involved in any business that doesn’t have anything to do with his day to day operations in Congress.

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