Rideout and Tucci Hearing for Murder of Craig Rideout

They will appear back in court on May 18 and May 19

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - A hearing for Laura, Alexander, and Colin Rideout, as well as Paul Tucci, was held Monday afternoon. The hearing was for the murder of Craig Rideout. 

Rideout had gone missing in July, and was found dead in Yates County a few days later. 

The four were indicted in December.

Defense attorneys at the hearing asked that the motions paperwork not be released to the media. Judge Moran, who is overseeing the case, says they would have to prove that releasing the paperwork would jeopardize a fair trail, because court proceedings have to be open to the public.

"I don't think sealing the records will impair your right to a free trial," Moran said.

Alex Rideout, Laura Rideout, and Paul Tucci's attorneys all filed for separate trials. The judge has reserved his decision on severance until their next hearing.

In court paperwork obtained by WROC News 8 in Rochester, Colin Rideout says he went to his father's house on July 20 at the request of his mother, Laura. He said that he saw Laura Rideout cleaning up blood. He says he helped clean up blood and then went to the park to throw out bags containing items with blood from his father's house.

Court paperwork also shows that Colin admitted to police at Mendon Ponds that his mother told him and his brother to get rid of the bags, which contained acid, bloody clothing and empty cleaning bottles.

Additionally, Alex Rideout’s DNA was found alongside Craig Rideout's DNA  on a pair of sweatpants, inside of a shoe, and inside of a glove. All which were found at crime scenes. A paracord, similar to the kind that was fashioned into the garrote that was discovered in Craig Rideout’s basement, was also found in Alex Rideout’s bedroom.

Tucci and the Rideouts will appear back in court on May 18 and May 19 for another hearing.

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