Robertson and Reed Ethics Battle

- Corning, N.Y. (WETM-TV)—

Today Martha Robertson addressed the public on what she believes to be a scheme Congressman Tom Reed took part in.

When Reed was elected to Congress he needed to stop practicing private law.

Robertson is accusing reed of still practicing and continuing to collect medical debt still today.

Reed said in a media call on Monday he stopped practicing law right away, let his law license expire and hired outside counsel to wine down his law firm’s business.

He also says it would have been wrong to immediately shut down his firm because of the number of people who would have lost a job.

Robertson said, “I am calling for Tom Reed to come clean and let the voters know exactly what his relationships has been to this law firm, how his name has been used. If there is nothing to hide then he should have no problem releasing all the documents from the Ethics Committee.”

Robertson is asking the Congressman how much did he profit from by using his name.

She is also asking for Reed to release any and all documents exchanged between his lawyers and the House Ethics Committee.

A handful of protesters showed up at Robertson’s even today but were not allowed to ask any questions.

Brad Lytle, a protester said, “I am very disappointed with today. She is accusing Tom Reed of having something to hide but she will not take questions from the public. What does she have to hide?”

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