Robertson Campaign Files FOIA Request on House Ethics Documents

(WETM-TV) – Martha Robertson’s campaign is again calling on Congressman Tom Reed to release any and all records and correspondence relating to a possible House Ethics Committee investigation. But there may be an issue with the campaign’s request.

Martha Robertson’s campaign manager, Jordanna Zeigler, filed the Freedom of Information Act request with Congressman Tom Reed and the Records Request Officer of the House of Representatives.

A Buffalo News article two weeks ago claimed Rep. Reed may have violated House Ethics by allowing his name to be used on lawsuits from his law firm while he was a sitting Congressman in 2011 and 2012. Reed’s campaign said that he has not practiced law since he took office and hasn’t renewed his law license.

WETM-TV called the House Ethics Committee Friday, and they said the committee does not comment on any particular matter or otherwise release information regarding its investigative or advisory work.

Congressman Tom Reed’s campaign responded through spokeswoman Katherine Pudwill, saying, “Instead of launching personal attacks against Tom Reed, Martha Robertson needs to explain why she thinks Obamacare doesn't go far enough, why she thinks raising taxes on job creators is the best path to create jobs, and why she believes global warming should be the number one priority for Congress.”

According to the National Security Archives at George Washington University, members of Congress are exempt from Freedom of Information requests. WETM-TV reached out to Martha Robertson’s campaign to ask if they knew about this exemption, and if they did, why they filed the request. Campaign Manager Jordanna Zeigler responded by saying, If Congressman Tom Reed is citing special perks only members of Congress get as the reason why he refuses to disclose information about his correspondence with the House Ethics Committee, then it only raises more questions about what he's trying to hide about the possible violation of House rules regarding his law firm."

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