Robertson, Pelosi Talk VA Scandal, Reed Responds

SENECA FALLS, N.Y. (WETM-18) – Protestors against Nancy Pelosi and Martha Robertson showed up to a women’s rights event on Sunday in Seneca Falls.

About ten protestors were at the event, protesting both women, along with Obamacare and the recent Veterans Affairs scandal. After the event, both Pelosi and Robertson talked about the scandal.

“We want the healthcare to be of the highest quality, we want the access to be as immediate as it can be, and maybe that access is not to a VA facility, but to another federally qualified health care facility across the country,” said Pelosi.

“And we see it’s not a matter of the care that they get once they get access to the care,” said Robertson. “There’s no question that they’re getting quality care and responsive care once they’re in the system. This is a problem of decades of underfunding the system altogether.”

Robertson did not say if the scandal had changed her thoughts on support for a single-payer health care system.

Congressman Tom Reed’s campaign responded, saying, "Robertson supports a healthcare system run entirely by the federal government. Yet, when left to care for our nation’s veterans, the government and the Administration she supports just can’t handle it,” said campaign spokeswomen Katherine Pudwill. “Robertson has blindly supported the policies of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, but as usual, she has no opinion on the damaging effects of those policies, and that just isn’t fair. Tom Reed cares about our veterans and will continue pressuring local facilities to provide the best care possible for the men and women that have served our country.”

Congressman Reed himself also responded, saying, "I take the care of our veterans very seriously. My father was a decorated war veteran and I grew up learning about the code of military ethics and honor,” said Reed. “We must do everything possible for these brave men and women by providing the best care and service possible. That's why I created a position in my office that specializes in veteran casework for all of our local heroes past and present. This Administration must be held accountable for what has happened in Phoenix and we must have an immediate investigation into the entire system. Unfortunately, my opponent has thus far failed to speak on this issue as she has on so many issues in her campaign. For someone that supports having all Americans receive their healthcare in a VA-like system, I think it is important that she address this issue and offer her perspective as to why a government that can’t be trusted to provide our veterans with proper care should be entrusted to run our entire healthcare system in the same manner.”

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