Robertson, Reed Spar Over Health Care Comments

(WETM-TV) – The back and forth between Congressman Tom Reed and Martha Robertson continues. This time, it’s related to comments made years ago by Robertson over her desire for a single-payer health care system.

A single-payer system is a system where the government, rather than private insurers, pays for all health care costs.

This most recent back and forth started after the blog Legal Insurrection posted a number of years-old video clips of Martha Robertson on YouTube, where she appears to support a single-payer health care system.

“But the logic is simple,” says Robertson in one of the video clips, where she appears to be speaking to supporters at an event. “If you want to keep the cost down, you have to have a public option. Honestly, you have to have single-payer, but okay. You have to have a public option. We’ll get a single-payer soon.”

The video clips are all from the past few years. In all of them, Robertson appears to be addressing supporters at different functions. Now, the Robertson campaign is backing away from those comments, saying she would rather fix the Affordable Care Act instead of putting a single-payer plan in place.

Martha Robertson’s campaign released the following statement to WETM. "The ACA is the law of the land and while Congressman Reed is willing to shut down the government over its repeal, Martha Robertson is focused on finding real solutions to fix it,” said George Koutsos of the Committee to Elect Martha Robertson.

Meanwhile, Tom Reed’s campaign responded with a statement of its own. "As families across the country are losing their insurance we're finally seeing just how devastating Obamacare really is.,” said Seth Wimer of Tom Reed for Congress. “But, incredibly, Martha Robertson doesn't think that Obamacare goes far enough. She wants a single payer Canadian-style health system where the government controls every healthcare decision. That position might be fine for Martha Robertson's extreme liberal hometown base in Ithaca, but it is wildly out of touch with families here in the Southern Tier and it’s why Congressman Reed will continue to fight to repeal Obamacare."

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