Tompkins County Cleans Up Following Severe Storms

TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y. (WETM-18) – Thousands remain without power in Tompkins County Wednesday night, 24 hours after a line of severe storms slammed the area. But one family we spoke with says they are very grateful.

The cleanup has begun in Tompkins County. “It was the strongest storm that I’ve ever seen here,” sais Bill Mobbs, who lives in Enfield.

“The thunder was coming down and it was raining like crazy and it was raining so hard,” said Liam Brown, who saw the storm.

Trees snapped in half, powers lines down and thousands still without power in Tompkins County. In Lansing, one of the hardest hit areas, wind snapped a tree right in half. Roofs were ripped off of barns. Trees slammed into homes, and power lines were strewn across the ground.

The Mobbs family in Enfield feels lucky after the storm spared their home. “It got worse after we got in the house,” said Mobbs. “So I had them get into the basement. And we’ve never had to do that in the 43 years we’ve lived here. But it was the strongest wind I’ve experienced.”

The family was setting up for a family reunion this week. Three children were playing near the barn when the storm hit. “And my cousins were up here at the barn and she was running through and the branch fell on her head,” said Kjerstien Brown, who saw the tree fall on her cousin.

“Three of them were running together and a big tree branch fell right in the midst of them, knocked them down,” said Mobbs. “But none of them got injured, so we’re feeling like no problem.”

The family says they’re very grateful that none of the kids were injured by the branch. As for the family reunion? It’s still planned for Friday, despite the family not having any power. “I waited to see how quickly they were going to get here with the power,” said Mobbs. “Looks like it's going to be a while, so we have a little generator that's running a couple of refrigerators.”

NYSEG says they expect to have power restored to 90% of the nearly 17,600 customers who lost it by Friday morning. The hardest hit areas, like Lansing, could take until Saturday or later to have power restored.

The good news, in our area at least, is that there were no reports of any deaths.

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