Towanda Building Falling Apart

TOWANDA, P.A. (18-NEWS) -- Bricks fell from the walls of the Henry Dunn building on Main Street in Towanda, P.A. yesterday morning.

Restaurant owner, Ken Jones, said he was the first to call 911 on the morning of the event.

"I was in the back, doing some things in the kitchen, and one of the waitresses was saying, 'oh the building across the street is falling down!,' so I came running out and there was a cloud of dust so I dialed 911 really quick and made sure no one was hurt, and waited a few minutes and emergency personnel came running out."

This is not the first incident of fallen debris at this site. Other older buildings surrounding the area have also decayed in recent years and resulted in fallen bricks onto pavement.

A borough engineer was assigned to assess the damage there.

No one was injured in yesterdays event however officials are still evaluating the damage and structure before moving forward with repairs and unblocking the sidewalk path.

Some store owners said outdated building codes and possible traffic vibrations could be to blame.

"I understand it was just the outer wall of brick which was falling loose because it wasn't attached to the front of the building like they do it now, back then when they built it, it  wasn't requireddifferent areas are loosening up and falling down, the truck traffic in the town doesn't help any with the vibrations."

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