Wellsboro Animal Care Sanctuary closed for renovations

WELLSBORO, Pa. (18 NEWS) - Workers at the Animal Care Sanctuary in Wellsboro found themselves out of a job on Wednesday.

A spokesperson from ACS tells 18 News the Wellsboro facility is closed for the summer due to renovations and financial constraints, the animals were moved to the East Smithfield location.

ACS said the decision was hard but there's not much revenue coming in to take care of the animals.

"Unfortunately, with layoffs it's not like you're going to tell somebody a month ahead of time that you're going to be laid off," said executive director Joan Smith-Reese. "It was unfortunate, it's a difficult decision. It's one that the board took very seriously and now our work this summer is to see what we can do about sustainability."

The animal clinic in Wellsboro remains open as well as the food bank. 

ACS said the employees who were let go were offered to file for unemployment and to work at the locations in East Smithfield and Tioga County.

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