Mansfield Unviersity Students Aren't too Worried About Gaining the Dreaded Freshman 15

- MANSFIELD, Pa. (WETM-TV)- Back to school means new friends, new classes, and a new lifestyle however, this new freedom could be threatening to your waist line.

It is a college kids dream. All you can eat food in all different varieties. But those endless trips to the dessert bar may have a price.

Dining officials say it is all about educating the students with different alternative options when it comes to their eating.

Over 900 students come through the doors at the dining hall at Mansfield University.
While many will book it to the pizza or pasta line dining at MU has a unique approach to staying healthy with options like vegan, vegetarian, or the popular salad bar.

Mansfield University Director of Food Services says on a college campus you learn new things not only in the classroom.

Drew Robinson said, “Calories are posted, nutrient information and the ingredients are almost all over our menu. Different options have signage, we include as much as the educational information as possible. As a freshman you are on your own for the first time in life and you have to learn.”

Besides eating healthy at the cafeteria university officials say do "non-food" things with your new friends like intramural sports or take a hike at the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. The work out facility on campus is also a fantastic place to burn up those extra calories from the dessert table.

Even after getting the warning from their older siblings and friends who already have packed on the Freshman 15 these newcomers are not too worried.

Dianna Krensitisky said, “I am not, because we go and work out every night at the fitness center.”

Josh Ashmar said, “Not at all, not here at Mansfield, its all mountains and hill if anything it’s the Freshman negative 15.”

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