Syracuse University athletics record highest ever graduation rate

Syracuse University has made the top 10-- not in any one sport, but as a collective for the graduation rate of their student athletes. 

SU ranked right up there with other Powerhouse 5 conference schools like Notre Dame, Stanford and Duke. 

"It correlates to actual student athletes who have graduated from this university, and that's the most exciting thing is that these are actual alumni of Syracuse University that we're speaking about today,” said Tommy Powell, SU assistant provost for student athlete academic development. 

The 91 percent overall graduation success rate for 2016-17 is the highest-ever for the university since the NCAA started measuring the rate in 2004. 

This latest GSR reflects the progress of student-athletes who entered SU as freshmen in 2010-11 and who graduated within six years. It also includes anyone who started mid-year, as well as transfers.  
“It's cumulative effort on campus, but it's the student athletes themselves who wake up every morning go workout, go practice, go compete for us then go to class and do a great job in the class and that's the exciting part of this graduation rate,” Powell said. 

Powell says going forward, the NCAA in the next academic year will give schools a portion of its men's basketball TV money based on the graduation success rate, and right now, SU would be in position to benefit from it.

“It goes directly into the general fund of the athletic department, which translates into more resources for our student athletes,” Powell said. 

SU isn’t alone in the state-- Colgate posted their sixth-straight 98 percent GSR, the second highest nationally of all Division I schools. 

Colgate recorded perfect 100 percent GSR scores from 23 of its 24 NCAA sponsored teams.

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