A Driving Spirit

A Driving Spirit

Staff Sgt. Liam Dwyer is still acclimating to his new found fame, and if he keeps winning, it's only going to grow.
 (Alex Cawley)
(Alex Cawley)
WATKINS GLEN, N.Y.  (WETM-TV) - Whether he likes it or not, Staff Sgt. Liam Dwyer was one of the most well known drivers in the garage this weekend.

"They call me 'Hollywood' because wherever i go people like you show up," Dwyer says with a smile, "There's always a camera in my face somewhere. So it's been a lot of razzing and harassing , and I love it. It reminds me of being in the military."

John Doonan, the Director of Mazda Motorsports for North America, is one of the people responsible for putting the Connecticut native behind the wheel.  "Staff Sergeant Dwyer certainly represent someone that's dedicated his career to defending and protecting all of us U.S. citizens.  Away from that day job he's got a passion for motorsports.

That passion led the marine to victory lane at LIME ROCK, just a few weeks ago.  

"It was Tom Long who drove the car to the win. It was the crew that had phenomenal pit stops. It was the guys in the shop that built the car from scratch, literally from scratch cause i had wrecked it three weeks prior," said Dwyer.

The road to victory, certainly pales in comparison, to the road he took to get behind the wheel.  During a deployment to Iraq in 2001, Staff Sgt. Dwyer's humvee was hit by an IED. 

In 2011, he re-enlisted, and headed to Afghanistan, where he and four other Marines were injured when an IED was triggered.  Staff Sgt. Dwyer lost his left leg, and had serious injuries the rest of his limbs and torso.

Servicemen refer to their alive day as the day in which they survive a catastrophic injured in conflict.  Dwyer's win at Lime Rock came two days, after the three-year-anniversary of his Alive Day.

Dwyer is still in disbelief that it all came together, that day. "For it all to come together , my Alive Day, Memorial Day, my home track , just everything that compounded that whole event , nobody could have written a better story line. I don't think Hollywood could have planned that one out if they wanted to."
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