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Backboard: A Friend to You and Me

I don't know when this became uncool, but it's costing some teams games.
I know it's been a while since I last blogged, but this one has been brewing for quite some time now.

Since the beginning of basketball season, I've noticed a trend.  Maybe I just missed it last year, but when did the backboard become a thing to avoid?

I know it may not look as cool to bank in a lay up, but it's worth the same two points that a shot would be, if they tried to float one straight into the net.

Maybe it's the influence of the new NBA, where defense and some fundamentals have been lost, compared to when I was growing up, but the glass is there to help you.

That's actually the purpose of the square ON the backboard.  I was terrible at geometry in school, but I knew that if I aimed anywhere in that box, I had a good chance of helping out my team.  No calculating of the angles involved.

If it's a fast break, and you bank one in, guess what?  We're still going to show the highlight.  I promise.  

Dunks get all of the publicity.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar patented the sky hook.  Still, one of my favorite all time shooters has to be Tim Duncan.  In my opinion, there hasn't been a player that has been as scientific about kissing it off the glass as the San Antonio center.  It's almost an art.  No matter where he is on the floor, he knows where to hit, to find the net.

Now, this isn't every team in the Twin Tiers.  Some are very good about locking down the fundamentals.  Those ones are now chasing down titles and district spots.

My generation is responsible for eliminating a lot from the game of basketball.  Mostly the short shorts. (Your welcome) No one told John Stockton  But please, let's not let the bank shot go the way of those.
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