Lukefahr Helps Lacrosse Have Global Reach

Lukefahr Helps Lacrosse Have Global Reach

The former Hawk standout lost her first season at Virginia Tech to an injury, but offered her whole summer for the sport of lacrosse.
CORNING, N.Y. (WETM-TV) - When Haley Lukefahr signed on to continue her lacrosse career at Virginia Tech, she knew that the competition was about to get tougher.

But so was the adversity.  The former Hawk standout suffered a torn ACL, forcing her to miss the entire season.

"It's not an easy injury to get over, tearing an ACL.  It definitely makes you a stronger person, not just going back on the lacrosse field, but as a person, you just want to get out there and just do as much as you could do before, if not more," said Lukefahr. 

The physical healing will come with time, but Haley needed something else.

Lukefahr added, "I just figured that i really needed something to just lift my spirits up, to just give my time back, and realize that this wasn't the end of the world."

The Hokies' midfielder went on a trip with 'Fields Of Growth,' a non profit, that utilizes the passion lacrosse players have for the sport, to help make a positive social impact, around the world.

"I made my way to Jamaica, and while I was down there, I was working at a lacrosse camp  with these elementary school kids," Lukefahr reflected, "and then we would go to a retirement home one day, and we volunteered there, and it was just an awesome experience over all."

Fields Of Growth has not only proven to help the communities it reaches out to, but also raises their game, when it comes to lacrosse.

"Fields Of Growth has already got a program in Uganda, and they've been doing this for six years now.  Uganda is actually on their way over to the World Champions right now.  Jamaica is in their second year, so hopefully, within a few years, we'll see Jamaica in the World Championships some day," Lukefahr added.

While Haley has been working to prepare herself for the late winter and early spring at Virginia Tech, this summer is certainly something she'll never forget.

"I would be so happy just giving up my time for these kids, giving them the world.  They absolutely loved it.  I would love to go back again."
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