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New York Threatens Maryland's rep as Lacrosse state

Maryland made lacrosse their state team sport, but it's the Empire State that's gaining ground.
My sister lives in Maryland, and I have additional family below the Mason-Dixon Line.  Living most of my life in Pennsylvania, lacrosse was never the biggest sport.  It wasn't until my senior year in high school that we even had a lax program.  At family reunions the lacrosse sticks were brought out, and I stood there puzzled, before turning around and playing football.  

I learned that lacrosse was the thing to do in the crab-cake state.  In fact, it's the state's team sport.  (Little known tip, the state sport; jousting.  Yes, that jousting.)  I'll occasionally watch games when I'm not at work, and have seen squads from New York and Maryland, and have to say, the Empire State, is either at or surpassed the level of Maryland.

Every week it seems like 18 Sports is going another student athlete signing, where they'll decide to play lacrosse at the next level.

Following both Syracuse and Cornell this season, I've watched the New York teams shred opposing teams.  Even Albany dealt early losses to elite programs.  Now, the Orange and Big Red are among the final four teams standing, and heading to Philadelphia.  Take a look at the rosters from both teams.  There's a few Marylanders, a splash of Texans, but the great majority of them are from the Empire state.

This weekend, a strong argument could be made for a new era of lacrosse.  With Denver and Duke losses, we could have an all New York NCAA Championship game.  It's something to watch for, and we'll continue our coverage of both teams, as long as they continue to take the field in the tourney. 
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