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Now I Get It

After attending my first Syracuse basketball game, the anticipation for March is heightened.
Ohhh, so that's what that's like?!  For many, the February 15th game between North Carolina State and Syracuse was just another nail-biter in a string of them this season.

For me, it was my first Orange basketball game.

I grew up attending Penn State football games and went to Arizona State football games, religiously, in college.  This was my first forte in big time college basketball.  I had seen games on television at the Carrier Dome, but it really didn't do it justice.

It was amazing to see the atmosphere leading up to the game.  There was a buzz surrounding the campus, as people were decked in their orange gear.  (I was able to come up with a navy and orange outfit, which all had Sun Devil markings. We had just beaten Arizona, so it was a big weekend for me.)  I owe a big thanks to Marissa Perlman and Shannon Lins who were my official Syracuse guides.

As I looked around, I could only think about the differences a few thousand miles makes.  At Syracuse, people were amped for basketball season.  They marched through the snow to get to the Dome, over hills and past the Ernie Davis statue.

At ASU, the entire campus flocked to Sun Devils Stadium for the football games.  Everyone was in shorts, and the only hills we saw were the two buttes that the stadium rested between.  The walk was capped with reminders of an ASU great, Pat Tillman.

It's always great to get out and see how other schools and teams celebrate their pasts.  I love to see the traditions of different student bodies.  Syracuse certainly has many.

I look forward to going back and seeing more if it in the very near future.
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