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Storm Damages N. Tier Trailer and Destroys Barn

LADDSBURG, PA. (WETM-18) - Damage took place in Bradford County community of Laddsburg.

LADDSBURG, PA. (WETM-18) - The storm that swept through the Twin Tiers Tuesday evening turned a horse barn into a pile of lumber in the Bradford County community of Laddsburg.

The barn was owned by Paula McKernan and her husband. The storm also blew the couple's mobile home off its foundation into a tree and it damaged their house which was next to the trailer home.

Fortunately there were no animals in the barn when the storm struck. It caused some scary moments for the couple

Paula said: "I got up and closed the door and it started raining really really hard and I saw like a tunnel like things were swirling around and around and I saw our garbage can get lifted up and away."

Paula and her husband were not living in the mobile home but they were planning on moving into it from their home in the winter. The trailer received extensive damage and the house had damage to its windows, roof and chimney.

Neither Paula or her husband were injured.

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