Students Return to Mansfield University Today

Students Return to Mansfield University Today

MANSFIELD, P.A. (18-NEWS) -- It's move-in day for freshmen at Mansfield University today. Parents and students tell all.
"We have all new suite style facilities for students this fall," says Chuck Colby, the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.

Today, volunteers from Mansfield University Greek organizations, the R.O.T.C program, student leadership groups, and staff welcomed the in-coming freshmen and their parents to campus. They carried boxes, luggage and other dorm essentials up to the brand new dormitories.

"I'm in a fraternity, so every year we help move the freshmen in. So I've been here since 8:30 and still going. And just helping. If they need help, we'll help them," says senior Brandon Bertoli.

But even with all the help, some parents are still having a tough time.

"I just can't leave my baby here. And I'm gonna cry before I leave here."

And others couldn’t be more thrilled.

“Having him leave the house. He's a human garbage disposal. You won't believe how much food he consumed when he came back from his six weeks up here. So I'm just glad they're gonna take him off my hands and feed him."

"I'm really not worried. She's got a great head on her shoulders and she's going to do great."

But to ease the minds of the uneasy parents, President of the University, Fran Henricks, was around today to let them know everything was going to be okay.

"I know exactly how they're feeling. I would also tell them that Mansfield University was ranked the safest university in the state of Pennsylvania and we were highlighted by another organization as one of the safest in the United States. So we are very proud of our safety record and we will take good care of them."

And for all you new freshmen, the upper classmen have some advice for you.

"Don't stay in your room. Be social. Go eat lunch with people in Lower, go to Upper Mans or eat with each other. Walk around the dorm building. Knock on people doors. Go talk to people because it's going fast but you want to have fun. You want to make good friends,” says Bertoli.

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