HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) – Despite claims that the tax rate was lowered, Horseheads property owners are speaking out after many saw an increase in property assessments recently, which led to an increase in property taxes.

To combat the issue, the Town of Horseheads Assessor’s office is now working on a reevaluation project to bring properties up to an equalization rate of 100 percent. As of now, that rate is sitting in the low to mid 90’s.

Here is a statement released by the assessor:

“The Town of Horseheads is doing a reevaluation project to bring the properties up to an equalization rate of 100%, this hasn’t been done since 2000, 22 years ago. The Town is using sales from January 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 which cross all neighborhoods. There are 8500+ properties in the town of Horseheads of which there are roughly 1100 commercials properties. The assessor’s office has been working on gathering information and updating the inventories of all properties for the last 2 ½ years when the project was commenced. Each step the project has been approved by NYS to be sure when finished the Town will be at 100% equalization rate compared to sales. After completion of this project the rate per thousand is anticipated to fall, which is why, even if property values increase, individual property taxes may not change significantly. The county has given the assessor’s office the preliminary rates upon completion of the project but as the office is working with property owners prior to the Grievance Day, (May 24,2022) these rates will not be the final rates per thousand as values are still changing and will continue to do so until the Board of Assessment Review has completed their work. The last day for property owners to file a grievance is May 24, 2022 from 3pm to 8pm, the grievance board is asking property owners to request an appointment if they intend to come to the board to alleviate wait time.”