(NBC OLYMPICS) – As an African American Olympic short track speed skater born in Ghana, Maame Biney has already lived a unique life. Maybe that’s why she is so unique herself, well her and her alter ego.

Biney says, “I like to listen to murder podcasts. Yeah, I like to listen to it when I go home from practice, warming up for practice, or going to practice. Hours-long murder podcasts, it’s great, yeah. Obviously not great, because people have obviously died but it’s very interesting.

So, I was born in Ghana, but I was raised in Virginia. I am a short-track speedskater and my name is Maame Afua Biney. And Maame means Mom” in Ghana, and Afua means Born on Friday” and Biney I think is just like my family’s last name. And I love my last name, so, this is like a message to my future husband, we’re not changing my last name, we’re keeping it, so ha-ha.”

When asked who’s Anna Digger? Biney responds,

Ohh, she is my alter ego. I only use her for mainly racing.

Biney also has a message for any potential suitors, she’s not changing her name as she explains in the video, exactly what her name means.

The Olympics start on February 3rd on WETM.