ALTOONA, Pa (WTAJ) — Dr. Mehmet Oz, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, made multiple stops in the Central PA region including popular Altoona diner Tom and Joe’s and Johnstown grocery store Market Basket.

Oz visited the stops Wednesday to talk about how inflation has been affecting local businesses and how gas prices have been harming those in Pennsylvania.

“We have two very different perspectives on where Pennsylvania should go,” Oz said. “And I want the average person watching right now to realize you’ve got Joe Biden on the left, Fetterman further to his left and I’ve got everything else. And I will fight to protect the middle and the right and ensure that we have the right values projected in our policies.”

Oz also highlighted how Pennsylvania can be used to help lower inflation nationwide by opening up our energy, something he said his opponent John Fetterman is against doing.

“What makes Pennsylvanians angry is that the energy that we have under our feet is enough to make a difference,” Oz said. “It would drop the cost of the energy we’re purchasing, it would drop inflation because of that. It would give our country a comfort level for dealing with adversary overseas and it would build businesses locally and were not doing it.”

His stop in Johnstown continued with the inflation discussion. He listened first hand from the grocery store manager how inflation is affecting their stores by twelve percent. The manager also stated how fuel costs during shipment are one of the primary reason for the issue.

“There’s a bigger drive of inflation that we can address and we should agree upon, which is energy,” Oz said. “Energy prices have skyrocketed as they increase dramatically, they change how much it costs to ship products here.”

Oz also hit about the gun debate currently happening in the Senate. The candidate is a proud supporter of Second Amendment and said that the country needs to make progress among mental health for the people.

A common question that voters asked Oz is whether he holds the same values as they do. For his campaign to the November election, he’s going to continue to fight for the values of voters including bringing energy, safe streets, and lowering prices.

“The main thing I learned from voters is there is a lot of frustrations that the government doesn’t understand how well they could do if government got out of their way,” Oz said.

He is also joining his former primary opponent, Carla Sands, for a rally in Eastern Pennsylvania Wednesday night.