Nick Guzzo

Nick Guzzo joins us from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area and used to be horrified of disastrous weather. Thunderstorms, especially the severe kind, were a nightmare to him. He would constantly check the weather broadcasts to make sure no thunderstorms were in the forecast. If they were, he would want to be prepared. Eventually, his fear of thunderstorms allowed him to learn more about the ever-changing atmosphere which started to spark a passion in him. In 2011, when Hurricane Irene hit his hometown, the power the hurricane caused fascinated him and he wanted to follow a career in meteorology to learn more about the weather. 

This led Nick to Penn State University where he majored in meteorology and atmospheric science with a focus in weather communication and forecasting. During his time at Penn State, Nick stayed very involved. He took part in a leadership program, was the president of the meteorology honor society, and was the broadcast meteorologist for the Emmy-award-winning college newscast Centre County Report. 

When Nick is not tracking the weather, he can be seen doing activities outdoors. 

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