Nicolas Dubina

Nicolas Dubina joined WETM in January of 2023 as a multimedia journalist. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, his family moved to Miami, Florida when he was 7 years old. After graduating from Florida International University with a journalism degree, he got his start in TV News at WFOR in Miami, first working as a video editor, then writer, and producer.

His experience at WFOR led him to accept a job at CBS News in New York City. He first produced the CBS Overnight News, and later joined WCBS, the network’s flagship local news station. Most recently, he was part of the production team that won the 2022 New York Emmy Award for “Breaking & Spot News” about Hurricane Ida’s destructive impact on the city.

After starting his career working behind the scenes, Nicolas is excited to step in front of the camera and start writing a new chapter here in the Southern Tier.

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