SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — People who live in neighborhoods near the Otay Mesa Port of Entry say they can no longer take the traffic bottlenecks on their streets just south of the border, and they are asking the city to do something to alleviate the “chaos and congestion.”

Manuel Rojas, vice president of the Neighbors Committee in Otay Mesa, says the excess in traffic is out of control making it impossible to maneuver near their homes, adding that there are daily altercations and road-rage incidents involving residents and border commuters.

This part of Tijuana is also home to city’s international airport and main bus terminal, which add to the traffic jams in the area. Plus, thousands of trucks also traverse this section of Tijuana every day on their way to and from the commercial side of the port of entry.

Rojas said the air and noise pollution diminishes the quality of life, and this past Labor Day holiday was the last straw.

On Monday, when many returned to the U.S. after a long weekend south of the border, the entire area came to a standstill.

“There needs to be more police officers directing traffic making sure people observe the laws and don’t get lost,” said Rojas.

Border Report reached out to the city of Tijuana to see if it has plans to modify traffic patterns or employ more officers in the area, but our calls have yet to be returned.

According to the General Services Administration, almost 13,700 cars and close to 2,700 trucks use the Otay Mesa Port of Entry on a daily basis in a northbound direction.